Whether it’s a warm spring day or a cool fall evening, Kansas City is blessed with some beautiful weather. A deck is the perfect place to enjoy this weather and the beautiful outdoor scenery while entertaining, dining, or just relaxing. If you’re looking to build a new deck, Page Construction can help you design and build a new deck that will let you enjoy the outdoors in style. Have an existing deck that needs deck repairs or a deck expansion? Page Construction can help with that too.

Deck Extensions

If you have an existing deck that no longer meets your needs, Page Construction can help. With a deck extension, Page Construction can construct a deck addition to increase the square footage. This can be done by extending the existing decking or by adding a new level to create a multi-level deck. Page Construction will work with you to ensure your deck extension blends seamlessly with your existing deck. This may include restaining the existing deck to match the new deck addition or even replacing the decking and railing on the existing deck to create a uniform appearance with the deck addition.

Deck Repairs and Deck Maintenance

Without proper deck maintenance, a deck will not only lose its luster but can develop safety issues. Page Construction offers a full range of deck repairs and deck maintenance services to keep your deck looking great and increase the life span of your deck. Our deck maintenance services include power washing, cleaning, staining, and sealing your deck. Even with the best deck maintenance, your deck can still develop problems over the years. Page Construction will perform a deck inspection to look for structural issues, cracked boards, loose handrails, protruding nails, and wood that is splintered, warped, or rotting. We will then recommend appropriate deck repairs. Addressing issues and performing the necessary deck repairs promptly will extend the life of your deck and help prevent larger problems from developing.

New Deck Construction

Adding a new deck to your home offers a number of benefits. New deck construction is a great way to expand your living space at a minimal cost per square foot. Adding a new deck also provides one of the highest returns on investment for home improvement projects, offering an ROI of 70 percent to 80 percent. A new deck can also improve the curb appeal of your home and increase the resale value. If you have a yard that is uneven or has awkward sloping, adding a deck can allow you to utilize that space that might otherwise be unusable.

Page Construction builds all types of new decks, including cedar decks, pressure-treated pine decks, and composite decks for new homes under construction and existing homes without a deck. We will help you design and build a new deck that fits your needs, taking into account factors such as the size of your yard, the style of your home, existing views, existing landscaping, and sun exposure. Page Construction can help you personalize your new deck with features such as built-in seating and planter boxes, deck railing and balusters, privacy screens, pergolas, deck lighting, and more. We can even use a combination of stain colors to create a unique pattern for your new deck.

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