When it comes to completing your multi-family property project, there is more to think about than just paint colors and hardware. In fact, one of the most important factors when it comes to the finishing details of you project is the concrete work along your property. 

Page Construction knows that the details of your project are what make it so special, which is why we are experts at the concrete work that goes along with multi-family houses. Whether you are starting a new home or needing to renovate a standing structure, our team is ready to help you get the most out of your concrete work. 

Large and small projects

While we do not do foundation work, Page Construction does offer many different types of concrete projects that will put the perfect finishing touches on your multi-family home. 

Specializing in creating personal touches in multi-family environments, Page Constructions can help you with your concrete needs. Some of our most popular concrete smaller scale projects include individual patios, sidewalks, and stairs. These seemingly smaller projects create a big difference when it comes to bringing life to your multi-family home. 

Page Construction also offers solutions for large scale concrete jobs including parking lots, entrances, and long pathways. These large projects are perfect for multi-family apartment complexes in the Kansas City Area looking to grow with the community, and when executed by our professionals, will have a lasting positive impact for your residents. 


Concrete Project

At Page Construction, our experts will work with you to help design all of your concrete needs, and devise a plan to get you the end result you desire at a competitive price. Both our large and smaller scale concrete projects help to give your multi-family homes a personalized style, while providing the functionality your residents will crave. 

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